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IP Telephoney

 Beyond the preponderance of the Internet in our daily lives, the Internet Protocol (IP) is becoming the universal transport of the future. Utilizing IP as the ubiquitous transport, offers the enterprise statistically significant gains in bandwidth efficiency, lower overall bandwidth requirements, ease of management, and the ability to deploy new applications rapidly. On the LAN, data, voice, and, video share a common infrastructure.

The current challenge for the enterprise is to optimize networking to carry data, voice, and video traffic. Netway will help your company assess your network and determine the appropriateness of converged networking. Converged networks are a growing trend and this consolidation of data, voice, and video is the natural evolution for multi-service networking.

Netway will utilize its comprehensive experience in cabling, telephony and networking to create a solution that meets your current needs while keeping in mind the future growth of your network. In most cases, the installation of IP telephony will have as a byproduct a healthier, more efficient network.

One great advantage of IP Telephony and converged networking is the convergence of the support staff previously required to support the two separate systems: Voice and Data. In the traditional paradigm, many companies are uncomfortably dependent on their Telephony vendor for many management tasks. Network convergence means that the network support staff now now could maintain the Telephony enabling hardware and assume greater responsibility for the management of the Telephony infrastructure. Tasks like moving a telephone device from one office to another that would normally require voice expertise becomes as simple as plugging the phone into the new location. Furthermore, adding new capabilities and applications to IP telephony are driven by software and more often only entails a software upgrade or application installation. Netway can help with the first steps of the post-convergence era and along the way with issues that are beyond the expertise of the company staff.